Nasi Campur – Warung Tengil

Nasi Campur – Warung Tengil

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Nasi Campur – Warung Tengil, Muara Karang

Bali is famous for their Nasi Campur. Here in Jakarta, we are able enjoy the nasi campur that is very similar to the one in Bali.

Steam rice with three different pork styles. One is pork sausage, one is pork chopped thinly mixed with vegetables and there is pork satay. You can also see the crispy pork skin on top of the steam rice.

Sambel Matah is the traditional sambal from bali, made with vegetable oil, cut red chilli, very fine lemongrass, and finely chopped onion. I love sambel matah, it is very nice. The best sambal matah i had was the one from bebek bengil.

Warung Tengil in Muara Karang tries to immitate the ambience at a local balinese warung with lots of bambu and checkered fabric. One thing though, they don’t have teh botol, which is very weird I think.

I will come back for more. It is very nice nice campur and very similar to the one in bali.

Muara Karang, across Sedap Malam.



Sashimi on rice


Sashimi – Glass House

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Sashimi on rice – Glass House Pluit

Do i need to explain how fresh this sashimi look?
Weelll ok, i didn’t eat this, my friend did… see how honest i am?
hehehe, i just had to take photo of it, i ordered chicken wings and sandwich, not as exotic as the sashimi.

Glass House, a nice place to hang out, food is so so.. price is also ok for Pluiters. One thing that i really really like about this place is that they have the mist spray every 30 seconds so that you can enjoy the warm night outdoory feel without feeling too hot.

I don’t have the address and i googled it, nobody has the address.
So, to get there, if you know the bridge to Muara Karang, turn left before the bridge and it is on the left, you wouldn’t miss it. Next to Simpang Tiga, Padang food.


Salad with Grilled Beef


Salad with Grilled Beef

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Salad with Grilled Beef – Simply Thai – Hongkong

aaah… my travel wouldn’t be complete without taking photos of food. Delicious food of course. 

Let me tell you about the restaurant first, it is in Times Square, HongKong level 11. Very nice ambiance, sophisticated decor and most importantly nice food. Too bad those girls couldn’t eat a lot. We had the grilled beef salad, with fried tofu and green curry chicken. Very lovely evening after the whole day shopping.


I love the dressing on the salad. Beef was tender, it was medium done tho. The chef has well prepared the salad with thinly sliced cucumber, i can tell that quality matters for them and i appreciate it. The colours are just feast for the eyes, the red and green complimenting each other. 


i would definitely comeback for other dishes if i ever get the chance to go back to Hongkong (sometime soon, fingers crossed). With good quality of the dishes and a lot of care and effort has been put in to the restaurant, it is not expensive meal at all. Two thumbs up for me. 


Simply Thai
11/F Times Square
1 Matheson Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel +852 2506 1212

Caesar Salad



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Caesar Salad with chicken – Huize Van Welly
Patissier – Chocolatier – Glacier – Tea Room

(thank’s to jenzcorner for the info) hehehehe

can i start with how hard it is to find a good caesar salad, let alone a decent caesar salad in jakarta?

3 words —-> I love it!

Portion is just nice, rather small first i thought but it filled me stomach just nice… hehe

the chicken is so tender, the sauce… ooooooh the sauce… is nicee.. it is not as creamy like the others, but yet the bits and pieces of bacon is delightful.

there is nothing cheap at van welly, but i’ll come back for my caesar salad craving once in a while.



(once again thanks to jenzcorner for the address, is not user friendly, it’s difficult to find the address)

The Papilion, 1st floor, Jl. Kemang Raya 45AA
ph. +62(21) 719 1975, 719 5737 fx. +62(21) 718 1574

Glow, Plaza Indonesia, Ground Floor, #179
ph. +62(21) 392 8305

Nasi Campur Warung Made

Warung Made

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Nasi Campur – Warung Made Bali

This is the famous nasi campur from warung made that everyone would order. I ordered it too when i was out with my colleague for office outing. It was ok, i wouldn’t say that it was wonderfully filled my life with fireworks when i ate it.

It’s quite a big portion with decent amount of rice but so many little dishes on the side which i like (i’m not a big fan of plain rice).

They have fish, tempe goreng (fried temple that they slice so thinly it almost resemble crackers), they have their specialty sambal, some greens, chicken and topped with ikan teri on top.

Warung Made’s drink is also just common soda, some fresh juice and i couldn’t remember if they have any signature drink.

However, Warung Made has quite a big section of western food (especially for a so called “warung” in bali). I think the owner/partner is not a local balinese anymore.

Nice ambiance tho. i think that;s why the warung is so famous. They have one in Kuta, and the other one is in seminyak. I’ve been to both and i prefer the one in seminyak, they have expensive shops around the courtyard of the warung (including periplus the bookshop).

i would come back for the atmosphere and the so so nasi campur…
come to bali with me?


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